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We discuss Tim Gurner Net Worth. Tim Governor is a controversial Melbourne property developer who ranked third on the Financial Review’s Young Rich list. His fortune rose from 46 465 million in 2107 to 63 631 million when he was fifth on the well-placed table in the 1940s. Let’s find out more about Tim Governor’s wiki facts and net worth.

Tim Governor has over a decade of experience in the property development industry, providing innovative, thoughtfully designed townhouses and apartments under a variety of brands. And it all started with a gym when Tim, 19, was in Melbourne, a suburb of Elwood.

Who is Tim Gurner wife? On deck, we will be exploring Tim Gurner wiki, bio, wife, age, and net worth.

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Quick Facts of

  • Born NameTim Gurner
  • Birth Place Melbourne, Australia
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Nationality Australian
  • Ethnicity White
  • Profession Luxury Developer or Business Entrepreneur
  • Wife Aimee Gurner
  • Age 38
  • dating married Aimee Gurner

Tim Gurner Wife: Aimee Gurner

Little is known about Tim Gurner‘s married life. This is because he tends to maintain a less important lifestyle and is very private in his personal life.

Both he and his wife have individual Instagram accounts which makes it difficult for us to get details about his wife and children. As such, it seems that Tim is sharing details of his professional life rather than his personal life.

However, from their official luxury brand Instagram page @gunnertm, we found out that Tim Governor is married to his beloved wife, Amy Governor. There is no information about the couple about their wedding date, location or children. Similarly, Amy Garner’s career is still open.

The couple appeared at the EY Entrepreneur Awards on October 20, 2016. At the awards ceremony, Tim Governor won the national final of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in the emerging category.

Tim Gurner net worth

Therefore, as of now, Tim and his wife Aimee both are living happy and blissful life together.

Tim Gurner Parents

There is no information available about his Tim Gurner Parents.

Tim Gurner Age

Tim Gurner is 38 years old now.

Tim Gurner Net Worth

Tim Gurner was Ernst & Young’s Emerging Australian Entrepreneur of the year in 2016, after becoming the youngest new entrant to BRW’s Rich List with a net worth of $460 million. His net worth is rapidly increasing every year as, in the year 2014, he appeared in 2014 Business Review Weekly Young Rich List with a net worth of $26 million placing 65th.

As of now, he comes on the third position on the Financial Review’s Young Rich List and the richest young person in Australia with an impressive $631 million fortune. In 2017, he kept his Melbourne mansion on market for around $9 million.

Moreover, he planned to develop a St Kilda hotel for $550 million apartment complex. He even sold his penthouses for around $30 million.

Tim Gurner Wiki Bio

Tim Garner is now 36 years old. As we said, they prefer a low profile. There is no further information about his personal life.such as his date of birth, parents, siblings as well as educational background. However, he grew up in Melbourne, Australia.

Tim Governor started his business when he was 20 years old, initially opening a gym. Two years later, he sold the gym and moved into real estate.

The height and weight of the time governor are appropriate according to his personality. In addition, she is of white descent with Australian citizenship.

Tim Gurner age

FAQ Related to Tim Gurner

Who is Tim Gurner?

GURNER was founded by Tim Gurner in early 2013 after a very successful period as a co-founder of Urban Inc., where he developed over 1300 apartments across 20 development sites, ranging from 17 townhouses to 250 apartments.

How did Tim Gurner make his money?

He got his start in property after taking over a lease on a suburban gym aged just 19, using $34,000 given to him by his grandfather. A year later he sold the business and went into property development, riding Melbourne and Brisbane’s real estate boom.

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How much is Tim Gurner worth?

So much so that the AFR has regularly valued his wealth at more than $500 million (this year, he was $580 million).

Tim Gurner Instagram

He has 22.2k followers on Instagram. His Instagram id name is gurner_tm. you can also check his istagram profile by clicking here.

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