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Tanya Khanijow Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Instagram, Linkedin, Bio & More!

Tanya Khanijow Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Instagram, Bio.

Tanya Khanijow Net Worth
Tanya Khanijow Net Worth

Quick Info:

Tanya Khanijow Age29 years old
Tanya Khanijow Height160 cm
Tanya Khanijow Net Worth$200,000 (Around 1 Crore 40 Lac)

Tanya Khanijow Blog, Birthday, Instagram & More Information!

Tanya Khanijow Net Worth is a 29 year old video content creator from Delhi, India known for making interesting videos on the popular social media video streaming platform YouTube. He has been making videos on YouTube for quite some time and frankly speaking has been successful in being a video content creator there!

Tanya Khanijow is often seen making videos that revolve around related topics and due to the fact that she focuses on related topics to make these videos, they go viral easily and quickly! Since the videos went viral, Tanya Khanijow has gained a good amount of followers on YouTube. The average number of views of his videos is in the range of 40,000 to 50,000

The total number of subscribers he has on YouTube is over 650,000 and over time we can expect many people to follow him there. The total number of views he has on all the videos uploaded so far on his YouTube channel is over a billion!

If we look at the types of videos he makes on YouTube, we can see he makes videos related to travel videos. In addition, we can see him making videos related to commentary videos and in addition comedy comits to his YouTube headline. The length of his YouTube videos is usually 8-10 minutes long!

Aside from being a creator of video content on YouTube, she is also famous as a social media influencer on Instagram where we can see her sharing photos and videos that give us insight into her personal life. In addition, we’ll see him sharing short clips from his YouTube channel

More than 250,000 people follow him on Instagram and over time we can expect more people to follow him there! If we combine his youtube and Instagram fan following, the number will be less than 800,000 and in time we can expect an influx of followers!

In this article, find out what is worth Tanya Khanijow YouTube, Tanya Khanijow Net, Bio, Salary, Tanya Khanijow Height, Weight, Tanya Khanijow Age, Facts. Keep reading further and you will have detailed information about Tanya Khanijow Bio, lifestyle, Tanya Khanijow Birthday

In addition, you get insights on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and his annual revenue report.

Tanya Khanijow Age & Bio

Tanya Khanijow’s birthday is on March 29, 1993. Tanya Khanijow’s age is currently 29 years old and will be 30 next year. He was born and raised in Delhi, India. Tanya Khanijow Ethnicity is white while the religion she follows is not yet known today. Tanya Khanijow’s Sun sign is Aries.

He was blessed with black eyes and black hair color. Tanya Khanijow Height is estimated to be approximately 160 cm while her weight is approximately 58 kgs. If reports are to be believed he is currently unmarried and more is not dating anyone at the time of this writing. We don’t have much information about his former relationships if any.

He believes in leading a private personal life and does not share any information in the public domain and this is one of the primitive reasons that we have very limited information about his family statistics. However, Tanya Khanijow is one of the upcoming video content creators in the country along with several other creators like Mithilesh Backpacker Yatri Doctor to name a few.

Tanya Khanijow YouTube & Instagram

Tanya Khanijow Height & Wiki

First NameTanya
Last NameKhanijow
ProfessionYouTube Star
Tanya Khanijow Age29 years
BirthdayMarch 29
Country of ResidenceIndia
Tanya Khanijow HeightHeight in Cms- 160 cmHeight in Foot- 5.2
Tanya Khanijow Weight58 Kg
Tanya Khanijow Body Measurements36-26-36
Tanya Khanijow AffairUnknown
Tanya Khanijow Eyes ColorBlack
Tanya Khanijow Hair ColorBlack

Tanya Khanijow Net Worth & Salary in Detail

Tanya Khanijow Net Worth This Year$200,000 (1 Crore and 40 Lac)
Tanya Khanijow Net worth Last Year$200,000 (1 Crore and 40 Lac)
Primary Source of IncomeYouTube
Tanya Khanijow Salary $10,000  (Around 7 Lac)

That’s it for Tanya Khanijow YouTube, Tanya Khanijow Net Worth, Bio, Family Stats, Tanya Khanijow Age, Salary, and Tanya Khanijow Height, Size, Tanya Khanijow Birthday.

At the same time, you find out about Instagram Name, Twitter Name, etc. We shared some Interesting Facts and FAQs in progress. We tried our level best to get the information. Read this!

Interesting Tanya Khanijow facts

  • Tanya Khanijow Age is 29 years
  • She is currently single
  • Tanya Khanijow Height is 160 cm
  • Tanya Khanijow Birthday is on 29 March 
  • Tanya Khanijow Net Worth is $200,000

Some Interesting FAQ related to Tanya Khanijow

How old is Tanya Khanijow?

29 years!

How tall is Tanya Khanijow?

160 cm

What is Tanya Khanijow Net Worth?


When is Tanya Khanijow Birthday?

March 29

That’s all for this article on Tanya Khanijow YouTube, Tanya Khanijow Net Worth, Tanya Khanijow Age, Bio, Tanya Khanijow Height, Wiki, etc. I hope you enjoyed reading this article on him!

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