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Soar Zaxy Net Worth is famous to us as a video content creator that typically uploads videos to two of the popular social media video streaming platforms YouTube and Tik Tok. His YouTube videos are generally 7 to 8 minutes long each and along with being long, they are crisp and entertaining and informative for his audience. Soar Zaxy Real Name is unknown!

He usually focuses on different types of playing videos on his YouTube channel but is still often seen experimenting with other types of video such as reaction videos, commentary videos and sometimes seen also making animated videos. Soar usually focuses on trending topics to make his videos

This is one of the main reasons videos go viral easily and quickly. Since they went viral he has gained a huge amount of YouTube-based followers / subscribers. It can be seen that Soar Zaxy gets almost 95,000 to 98,000 views on his videos on average. He has been making YouTube videos since February 2019

If we look at his subscriber base on YouTube, we can see that he has approximately 270,000 subscribers there. The most watched video on his channel is titled “I Stream Sniped my Friend in Fortnite …..”. It was uploaded in August 2020 and has over 700,000 views as of its writing. His content on TikTok is similar to YouTube with the exception that the length of the videos is generally short.

Although his videos on Tiktok are short, he has gained a large number of followers there and the total number of likes he has gained on all the videos uploaded so far to his Tiktok account is over one million

Aside from being a creator of video content on YouTube and Tik Tok he is also famous as a social media influencer on Instagram where we can see him sharing photos and videos that give us an incident in his personal life and had a dictionary can also see him sharing short clips from his YouTube channel and Tiktok account

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Soar Zaxy Age & Bio

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Interesting Soar Zaxy facts

  • Soar Zaxy Age is 16 years
  • He is currently single
  • Soar Zaxy Height is 160 cm
  • Soar Zaxy Birthday is on September 17
  • Soar Zaxy Net Worth is $50,000
  • Soar Zaxy Face Reveal has not happened.

Some Interesting FAQ related to Soar Zaxy

What is Soar Zaxy Net Worth?


How tall is Soar Zaxy?

160 cm

How old is Soar Zaxy?

16 years

When is Soar Zaxy Birthday?

september 17

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