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Skye Tantaga is YouTuber Onision’s first spouse. They were hitch for a couple of years. Get to the age and youngsters subtleties of Skye beneath.

Skye Tantaga is an American Youtuber and influencer of 10 years back. She is notable for her channel named FellFromTheSkye. She is the primary spouse of YouTuber Onision.

The previous lovebirds initially met in 2003 when Onision was serving in the United States Air Force. They esteemed their heartfelt life a few years before taking their sentiment to a higher level. Skye and Onision tied their marital bunch on August 5, 2005.

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They do hitch for a very long time, from 2005-2010. Bits of gossip say that they are separate because of contrasts in life decisions. Even though they resembled a happy couple in YouTube recordings, they separated as they would not like to proceed with their marriage.

Onision has been an extraordinary YouTube sensation with 2.04 million supporters, where he usually makes productions and entertaining recordings. Onision is known to be engaging with his astounding acting abilities and inventiveness.

Skye Tantaga’s genuine age is obscure. Notwithstanding, she is, by all accounts, somewhere near her 30s starting in 2021. Skye’s stature is additionally supposed to be 5ft and 5 inches tall.

Skye didn’t have any youngsters with Gregory Jackson, otherwise called his Youtube name Onision. However, she was hitch to an individual YouTuber for a very long time; she and Onision were not honoured with any youngsters.

Skye Tantaga collected her total assets through her YouTube tries previously. The specific figure of her profit is neglect, however. She had a YouTube channel named Tantaga which she later erased.

Right now, she has a channel called FellFromTheSkye, which has 8.63k supporters. She has just a single video on the track, posted nine years prior named Svlog: It tumbled from the Skye.

This specific video blog has more than 73,143 perspectives that were posted in the year 2011.

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