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Luvanthony is one of the most entertaining and trending personalities, known for being a Tik Tok star and social media star, he has currently become a prominent face among people. At a young age, he received many supporters on his social media accounts. Thus, the celebrity is now popularly known as his social media name Luvanthony. Luvanthony is a Tik Tok Star and Instagram influencer with an immense fan following from all over the world. He is famous for his mimics in comedy, humor, and entertaining talents. He also makes comedy videos and syncs videos with TikTok. Luvanthony also involves Model Shoots. Stay on the same page, you are really eager to meet him, we will let you explore his age, career, weight, height, and net worth. So let’s start exploring the top to the bottom.

Luvanthony Height

Luvanthony is really handsome, he is really charming. We are sure that he is quite popular with girls. He is 5’8 ″ inches tall and weighs approximately 65 kg. He has a great slender muscular body type and has Green eyes and brown hair. He doesn’t put on a beard and always looks clean. She revealed nothing about her love life. At her age, people are usually ashamed to share about her love life, we have no idea, that she is secretly dating someone.

Talking about the origin of his family, then his parents raised him, he was close to them, his father’s name has not been revealed and his mother’s name is Lisa, he spent his childhood in his childhood. -one, he has three siblings. His family follows the Christian religion.

About Luvanthony

Full NameAnthony Reeves (Luvanthony) 
Age18 Years Old
Birthday2001, November 7
Net WorthN/A
Spouse (husband/wife/partner)N/A
Parents/FamilyMother: Lisa
Height / How tall5 feet 11 inch
Profession/JobTikTok Personality, Social Media Star, YouTuber

Luvanthony Wiki

Luvanthony was born on November 7, 2001, in Ashland, Kentucky, US. His real name is Anthony Reeves. He is currently 19 years old in 2021. There is not much information available about his family other than the name of his mother Lisa and he has three siblings. He holds American Nationality and his ethnicity is Caucasian. His Zodiac sign is Scorpion. From his childhood, Luvanthony received full support from his family regarding his career. He spent a normal and happy childhood and now enjoys his fame through his work on social media. Luvanthony has not revealed anything about his educational career. According to the data he has garnered more than 339 million likes on his videos This clearly shows his popularity.

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Luvanthony Career

Talking about her career then Luvanthony was interested in modeling and acting. He wanted to be a comedian because he wanted to make people laugh. Growing up he became involved in social media. He started his career at TikTok with comedy videos. Along with comedy videos, he also posted lip-sync comedy videos. Through his continuous posts, he took the title of Crowned Muser’s valuable badge for being a TikTok comedian. Today, he holds the title “muser”. He has also collaborated with many TikTok stars and made great videos. Over time, his popularity started to rise and he became famous, his TikTok account had 7.1m + fans. He grows rapidly over the course of time.

Personal Information

How tall is Luvanthony? The Luvanthony currently stands at 5 feet and 8 inches (1.72 Meters) and weighs approximately 65 kilograms (143 Pounds).

The content creator has a slender muscular body, moreover, he has green eyes and beautiful brown hair.

Reeves is an American national with caucasian ethnicity.

Besides, many people want to know about Anthony’s star sign, alas, his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Anthony grew up with three siblings, because of this, he had fun in childhood and never felt alone,

Luvanthony as TikTok/Instagram Star

His popularity hit the skies when he started using Instagram. She has an account named ImAnthonyReeves and she started posting photos on her Instagram. But his Instagram account benefited from his TikTok account which has over 7.1 million fans and after that, he experienced tremendous growth in his followers. Currently, he has over 1.5m followers on his Instagram account which also gives him amazing income. He has over 3.2 million followers on Instagram under the name Call Me Anthony.

Social Media Accounts

PlatformFollowers (As of January 2020)Link
FacebookNot createdHere
TikTok5.3 millionAnthony’s TikTok
Instagram2.2 millionAnthony’s Instagram
YouTube203kAnthony’s YouTube

Anthony Reeves’s Girlfriend

As we mentioned above, Anthony Reeves has captured the hearts of many girls his age. If you look at his comment section, watch how the girls spam with comments that indicate the obsession they have for him. But, sad news for them as Anthony Reeves is already committed to a relationship.

Right now, Anthony Reeves is dating a beautiful girl named Avani Gregg. They have been in love with each other and have been in a relationship since late 2019. He is a famous TikTok star just like him. And funny thing, he’s more famous than he is with more than 9.3 million followers on TikTok. So, it’s no surprise that they are a popular couple that everyone knows.

Although many men and women are jealous or may even be heartbroken, it is undeniable that they have made a couple perfect. But, they are still very young and it is time to say whether they will hang out with each other or not. However, they enjoyed the best days of their lives with each other.

TikTok Star Luvanthony’s Girlfriend and Relationship Details

As of today, young and famous TikTok creator Luvanthony is single.

Importantly, he didn’t say anything about his activities and relationships. However, because of her attractive personality, many people around the world are mad at her.

Relationship History


Also, since he is only 18 years old, he has never been married or married.

Anthony Reeves’s Family, Education, and Childhood

Father: He hasn’t revealed his father’s identity on any of his social media until now.

Mother: Her mother was featured in her Instagram posts. But, further information about his name and what he does will remain undisclosed.

Siblings: He has three siblings.

Childhood: Her childhood was superb with a lot of support and attention from her parents. They always fulfill everything he needs to pursue what he wants. In simple words, he experienced a childhood that would surely play a major role to achieve the success he is getting today.

High school: He hasn’t revealed much about his education and qualifications. He has finished his high school education but details about where he studied remain unknown.

Luvanthony? – Sneek Peek into Family Details

Talking about Luvanthonys parents, only his mother’s name flashed.

So, her mother’s name was Lisa. The details of his father are completely off the record.


In addition, he was not the only child of his parents. He has three brothers, sisters, in total. However, their names will still be recognizable.

Who is Luv Anthony? Ethnicity, Nationality

Anthony Reeves best known for Luvanthony is a TikTok star and social media sensation. In addition, he is also a Youtuber.

In fact, his TikTok account is full of over 3.6 million followers. At the same time, he has a total of over 150 million likes in total.

As a matter of fact, Young Reeves also has his Youtube channel, which has only one video. However, his channel has a massive number of subscribers of 178 Thousand.

Luv Anthony Early life

Where did Luvanthony grow up? Luvanthony grew up in Ashland, Kentucky, North America.

Ever since he was a kid, Anthony has been a passionate kid who loves acting, modeling and making comedy bits.

Anthony’s educational career is not available right now. However, we can be sure that the talented star has a basic education.

Luv Anthony
Luv Anthony

Luv Anthony Rumors and controversy

Some of those who hated him tried to pull him down with wrong things about him. However, he did not let negativity hinder his career. He handles it positively and calmly. Moreover, he does not involve himself in any such incidents that could create a negative reputation for him.

Luv Anthony Trival

Despite being only 19 years old, Anthony lives a very interesting life. Moreover, Let’s take a look at some of his trivia and fun facts.

  1. Anthony Reeves and girlfriend ‘Avani Gregg’ have been featured on her Youtube channel making makeup videos.
  2. In the report, Anthony’s engagement rate with TikTok is 2.48%, which helps him charge for sponsorship.
  3. The social media star also has a Snapchat account.
  4. TikTok is a big fan of former rapper ‘XXXTENTACION’.
  5. Young Reeves celebrated his 50k milestone on Twitter, by eating cake.
  6. Luvanthony’s favorite passing time is playing video games, for example, Minecraft and Fortnite.
  7. The next goal of the Content creator is to be a successful singer.
  8. His large fanbase writes fanfiction about Anthony Reeves on the popular writing app, ‘Wattpad’.
  9. In July 2019, the famous actress admitted, that she is still a virgin.
  10. She is a big fan of ‘Loren Gray’.
  11. Because Anthony is a role model to many people, he doesn’t have any tattoos or smoking habits.
  12. The famous TikToker has partnered with popular TikToker such as ‘Griffin Johnson’, ‘Kio Cyr’ and ‘Bryce Hall’.
  13. Reeves fans commented on his post by mentioning the ‘Tounge thing’, which is Anthony famously went viral.
  14. Luvanthony and boyfriend ‘Avani Gregg combine the likes of TikTok as a staggering 2.7 Billion, of which they have posted about 11 thousand videos.

Luv Anthony Net Worth

As of source, his accumulated net worth is approximately $ 100,000 USD. You can Follow him for more updates on his handles on social media like Instagram and more to see his latest photos and pictures. Follow Dekh Gossip News for more information and the latest updates of your favorite celebrities.

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How much does Luv Anthony Earns? His Net Worth as of 2019

Until 2019, the value of the popular creator of TikTok will be approximately $ 100 Thousands of dollars.

Also, he has amassed his YouTube channel of many subscribers and views. This could be an additional source of income for him.

2016Net WorthUnknown
2017Net WorthUnknown
2018Net WorthUnknown
2019Net Worth$100 Thousand
2020Net WorthUnder Review

Also, the young star is ready to make her career as a model because she has a flashy and attractive personality and appearance. Possibly in the future, his net worth could range more than what he is earning now.

Luv Anthony Networth 2021

How important will Luvanthony be in 2021? Until 2021, Anthony Reeves is worth nearly half a million USD.

Moreover, Anthony Reeves was part of the popular TikTok group ‘SWAY HOUSE’, which gained wide popularity.

Besides, having a lot of success on social media accounts, helping young Reeves attract brand endorsements and ads.

Since 2021, Luvanthony has also been associated with several modeling companies and, consequently, towards the covers of the Magazine.

You Must Know Facts on Luvanthony

Luvanthony is not married. She is not of the appropriate age to marry.
He is 18 years old.
Luvanthony is 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m) tall.
Anthony Reeves (Luvanthony) has a net worth of over $ 100 Thousands of dollars.
He has 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Also, his official TikYok account has a huge following of 3.6 million.

Luv Anthony Facts In Summary

Anthony said his voice was so deep that morning that “he looked like he was 50 years old.”
Anthony is a fan of XXXTentacion and expressed his condolences in June 2018.
Anthony prefers girls who are natural and don’t put on makeup to enhance their look.
Anthony celebrated by eating cake the milestone of 50k followers on Twitter.
Anthony is an avid gamer and enjoys playing video games such as Minecraft and Fortnite.
Anthony loves browsing the thrift stores to get different clothes for a fraction of the price …
Despite being good at lip-syncing with her TikTok videos, she said she wanted him to sing so he could cover any woman’s heart.
His fanbase writes fanfiction about him on the popular writing app, Wattpad.
Anthony has a tendency to listen to sad songs over and over.
Anthony’s father once told him that he could pierce his ear and wear earrings if he thinned his hair. Earrings are now the main part of her fashion style.
In July 2019, Anthony admitted that he was still a virgin.
He is a great fan of Loren Gray.

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