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Call it a kinder, gentler approach to capitalism. In the quarter-century, since he founded Madison Industries, Larry Gies, ’88 BUS, has grown his company into an international manufacturing powerhouse with annual revenues of $5 billion.

Larry Gies Biography

Mr. Gies is the Founder & CEO of Madison Industries, one of the largest and most successful privately held companies in the world (www.madison.net). Madison builds entrepreneurially driven, branded market leaders that are dedicated to making the world safer, healthier, and more productive by creating innovative solutions that deliver outstanding customer value. The team at Madison is committed to building something truly remarkable that long outlasts them while coaching others to reach their highest potential.

Madison has built market leaders in the filtration, medical, safety, rescue & firefighting equipment, heat transfer, industrial equipment, process improvement, instruments & controls, advertising, service outsourcing, energy, plastic and indoor air quality industries with combined revenues in excess of $5 billion.

Mr. Gies serves as the President of The Gies Foundation (which focuses on democratizing education and enhancing health) and is a featured speaker at several universities. He was instrumental in establishing The Gies Campus of Chicago Jesuit Academy (a full scholarship school for 3rd – 8th-grade boys on Chicago’s West Side). He serves on the boards of Northwestern University, Amsted Industries (one of the largest ESOP’s in the United States), and the Accelerate Institute (which is solving for the ‘achievement gap’ in the United States education). He holds degrees from the University of Illinois and Northwestern University. In 2017, the University of Illinois named its leading business school, the Gies College of Business.

“Cablecraft Motion Control was a part of Tuthill for 42 years. Heck, my own career at Tuthill began in the Controls business some 32 years ago, so you can bet I had high standards when I went looking for its new owner. In Madison, I found an experienced team that was true to its word and more than capable. Under Larry Gies’ leadership, I’m comfortable my colleagues at Cablecraft Motion Controls have their best days ahead of them.”

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“Larry Gies and his team are the only buyers I have ever met that never wavered in what they said they would do, never strayed from their Letter of Intent and acted with integrity and honor from start to finish. Madison is a throwback to a different era when your word really was your bond. I would be comfortable doing my next deal with them on just a handshake.”


Frequently Asked Question

Who Larry Gies?

Gies is the Founder & CEO of Madison Industries, one of the largest and most successful privately held companies in the world (www.madison.net). … He was instrumental in establishing The Gies Campus of Chicago Jesuit Academy (a full scholarship school for 3rd – 8th grade boys on Chicago’s West Side).

Is Gies school of business good?

Gies Business was ranked #9 among public undergraduate business programs and #19 overall nationally. … “We are one of the best business schools in the nation, and additionally we offer an experience that can never be quantified in the rankings.

Larry Gies Wife Beth Gies

The gift from Larry Gies, chief executive of Madison Industries, and his wife, Beth, means the university’s business school at the Urbana-Champaign campus will now be known as the Gies College of Business.

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Larry Gies Net Worth, Larry Gies Net Worth

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